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Dr. Mo was born and raised in Beijing, China. Dr. Mo came to the United States after high school and obtained her undergraduate degree in molecular and cell biology from the University of California at Berkeley, where she also received her graduate degree in Optometry. Dr. Mo has been practicing in the San Francisco bay area since her graduation in 2002. Each year, Dr. Mo meets a strong commitment to enhance her professional skills by attending educational seminars and conferences. In addition to advancing her knowledge, Dr. Mo believes in providing the best care by carefully listening to patient's concerns and needs. She also believes that education, prevention, and early intervention are keys to maintain good eye health.

In addition to general optometry practice, Dr. Mo is particularly interested in myopia control and orthoK/CRT. As a high myope herself, she has the first hand knowledge of what it is like to be a myope with vision worsening year after year; As a mother of a school aged child, she shares the same worries that myopic parents have for their children. As a professional, Dr. Mo strives to integrate her knowledge and experience to better help those in need to control myopia.

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